Other Residents

Some of our keepers, and permanent residents of our family. Their purpose is to simply bring us and others joy.

Tony (Smart Spook). Our Schoolmaster. He takes good care of every rider, from beginners to more advanced riders.

Shorty. You have to meet this little guy in person to truly appreciate him. He loves absolutely everybody. He LOVES food! We hope to trick train him, and maybe one day have him pulling a cart!

Bubbles (Bubs for short) is still just a little baby. Not quite as brave as his brother Shorty, but he is learning to love treats and scratches.

Tortiana (Tort for short) and her baby who does not yet have a name!

Chickens! We recently acquired our very first chickens. We have some Silkies, Swedish Hedamoras, and Legbar chickens. We’re very excited to watch them grow!